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For Children

Divorce can be a challenging or upsetting time in a child’s life. During this process, we’ll put your child’s needs at the forefront, help him or her ease distress and move toward a healthy, well-adjusted life.

I can help your children navigate the emotional journey of divorce, handle stress, and develop strength and resilience. I can help you and your ex-partner to peacefully co-parent, improve scheduling and communication, and resolve conflicts that will create a smoother transition for you and child.

I offer children a safe, protected and neutral atmosphere where they can be honest about their feelings. They are free to express worry, stress or anger. Whether they are dealing with moving, finding new friends, managing stepfamily dynamics or dating parents, I help children find the courage, resilience and strength to successfully cope with their situation.

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For Parents

Collaborative divorce involves a multi-stage, court-free approach that can help you resolve conflicts and move forward with your lives as individuals and as parents.

We’ll work together to problem-solve, minimize conflict, cultivate respectful relationships and communicate effectively so you can co-parent your child or children during and after a divorce.

I can help you develop parenting schedules and age-appropriate parenting strategies, along with the tools you need to manage new issues as they arise. We’ll prioritize your child’s needs and help you explore and solidify your relationship with your child, yet also give you the skills to move forward independently after divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

As a child specialist within the collaborative divorce framework, I am trained to:

• Develop a parenting plan that prioritizes the developmental and emotional needs of your children
• Offer your children a space to express their emotions about the divorce process
• Work cooperatively with other divorce professionals such as lawyers, financial planners and divorce coaches