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Special Needs


As a parent of a child with special needs, you are an integral part of the process. Your love, care and concern are essential to the nourishing and balanced environment in which your child will thrive. Working together, we’ll ensure that your child obtains what he or she requires, but also that you have the support and encouragement you need to better assist your child.

Cooperation and collaboration are essential to this process. We’ll regularly discuss your child’s progress, reviewing and revising your goals as your child develops. I’ll help you navigate the school system and I’ll tap into my network of complementary service providers to offer you the best resources and referrals.

Areas of Focus:

• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Learning disabilities
• Hearing or vision loss
• Gifted
• Twice Exceptional
• Complex physical and cognitive challenges
• Young adults transitioning to college of university
• Independence in the community


Young Adults and Adults

I work collaboratively with you to respect your need for autonomy. I`ll help you navigate the changes and challenges in your life, and help you communicate successfully with your family about your needs and wants.

Areas of focus:

Transitioning between college or university and the world of work
Independent living skills
Communication skills